søndag 13. september 2009

Who's Reality?

Why fight for something that already was dead from the beginning? Not at all.. Won't even bother to use one single braincell to consider it. Just one for writing this!
The people that you thought cared,left you when you needed them most,but luckily those you almost forgot came around.. SURPRISES never stop :)
Fuck those who fucked you fuck 'em hard & throw them in the mud.

It used to bring joy & happiness.. That's just pure hatred & disgust now.
Your face turns uglier as the letters continues..No need to disquise.. We all know the real you!! Just an empty shell witch behaves beyond the imaginable.

So eager,so hopeful.. You better put up the parachute 'cause it's a long way down.

You say spoons? I say : Don't try get into a world you've never seen & never will understand.. Even though you try.. I can paint you pictures,but hey it's just a picture. Not the real thing, so just relax & Get used to the elder with more experience. They will never arrive,they don't like stubborn people.

Read every fucking book in your library,fill up you brain with others thoughts,Just remember when you spent time trying.. We all moved on. You complain about society? You pretend to be true.. Didn't you wave goodbye years ago? Why are you still working?

Still here?.. It's nice to pretend,but it's more important to be.

Different planets? Oh yeah.. Mars is a wonderful place. No entrance left though.

Too many,time to remove.. Await the departure & never say you will follow.. Lies,lies lies.. Misuse/leak of information..Speak empty words to strangers. Well hell..
You're already dead. May we gather & dance on your grave.. Oh,I forgot.. You're not one of us,therefore I reject you to enter the dead . Yet another lie.. You will never die,never find peace & rest.. May your spirit never find peace.. May your love forever be broken.

I guess this shit does not make any sense to you.. Well,It ain't supposed to.
But if it does.. Then you're as fucked as i am never find peace.. :)

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