mandag 21. september 2009

My Master

Enter my circle,feel the fire.
Embrace my love, don't be afraid,the flute will guide you...
Enter my world, He is here.. Embrace him like you embraced me.
Don't be afraid,it's only love.
Come to my emotional inferno & feel my master!
Let it slip into your veins,the poison,the darkness..
Overwhelming screams inside,feel the pain,do not avoid it.
Satan rushing through your blood..
Search & you will see what you may not fear.
Erotic pleasure coming through, let go of our love.
Grant him thy power,there is no more room.
I ask you my Master...
I've always kept the secret,never broken the bond once created.
I trust thee, my master.. Grant me the power to see your reality.
Grant me the power to obtain infinity...

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