mandag 31. august 2015


Reincarnation - Radhadesh Ardennen
I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day. He believes our souls are reincarnated into a new life after death,. I've never really cared or thought to much about that subject before other than some small theories of my own. just out of curiousity. After listening to his theories and thoughts I found it somewhat interesting. That being said, I never said yet that I believe in it as I'm a difficult person to convince when it comes to topics 'out of this world' or should I say ,not yet proven to mankind, if that is possible though. What made me think twice about it was his theories about me and a person I care about which I won't go into here.

 Let's say a child has a rough childhood or a person struggling with issues or any other topic.. He said if someone has a rough life in this life ,they probably had an easy life in the previous and where put to test in this one.

We are after all animals and it's survival of the fittest, so death in inevedable.

 Let's say a child is molested and abused as a child, does that justify that he was a raving lunatic and a mass murder in the previous life or something like that? and in this life is punished?
 Is that heaven & hell, but we don't know it yet?.. Or simply karma? You tell me, I have no clue.

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