onsdag 5. august 2015

Animal Instincts

I scared or should I say surprised myself this summer, to the point of no Return, can't deny what's happened. Sure as hell ain't gonna dwell about it , so I choose to laugh at it and welcome it, what else is there to do. She said it, I fucking went all the way, almost... Thank God for higher Powers and People.

My lips are forever sealed , not because I want.. I just simply can't remember it. You may Wonder why,what and so on .. All I know is that my heart beats and my soul is pure which is good enough for me though.

I saw the look in Peoples eyes, I still do from time to time, I Wonder what the fuck happened With their own? As I smile and think , I am what I am and do what I do and if some People dont like me , fine .. Mission accomplished, but a repeat button?.. Haha, think twice ,as you look into my eyes!

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