fredag 7. august 2015

We don't care, we're happy!

A new beginning, a new daylight and a better life for us to come...
We had it all , lost it all.. Found it again just to loose it all over again and die inside.
But for what?...

How come we decided to slowly kill ourselves while havin' fun at a so early stage in life.

Maybe we are immortals or have angels watching over us, protecting us.
Even though we have a long way home , we surely found the path before it was erased forever..
Luckily enough we stay positive and are good partners ..
After all, that's what kept and keep us together and alive for those years, and still will...

Sometimes I wonder if we work twice as hard to keep it together, but I guess we both like to believe it's cause our hearts are at one... We love eachother to death and are happy and safe with what we have.
We always though that was the key to a good life or relationship.

Were we so wrong?.. 

We don't care, we're happy!

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