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Aeons Rising! Introduction - Gravarson Almighty

Note : This is how I interpentent and practice Satanism, and no one else. I see it in a totally different way than most people and I have different visions than most others who practice Satanism. 

I head more towards the light and godness in people and have a far more modern approach to it. Many will disagree with me, find this to be hilarious and further on and that is good, we don't need you all, and some might find it good which is also good. 
What I'm trying to do here is to explain my use of Satanism in everyday life.
The Satanism I want to expose to people does not include drinking blood,sacrificing babies and so on, It resembles a normal man living a normal life with family because that's what my values are based upon. Family & the ones who are worthy of your love and kindness.
Personally I keep that circle of love & kindness small and to those I have known my entire life or big parts of it also refered to as 'brothers'
You have to be careful about who to trust these days, trust is an easy thing to have and easily taken for granted unfortunately.
I learned the hard way already as a kid that few could be trusted, it made me build up shields very high and definately higher than nessecary. I guess if you been hurt once you don't want to be twice etc, at least not as a kid.
 The thing I was forced to do wrong was building my defence way to high but found out that it wasn't for any good and because of the walls I'd built I let good people more or less pass by in my life simply 'cause of these walls, so when I finally managed to take down my guard and let love in. 
It was so surreal at first.'cause I had never let anyone love me truly before,so it was a big step to take.
I wasn't used to love,and not in those ways that are normal for a grown men.
I've met many women but only one that has managed to really learn me about love and make me understand things I should have done ages ago.
 I knew little or nothing of, whilst I at the same time in my unawarness was learning her alot about life and how to live it, well some I was aware of,
That's my poin't aswell , we are all on this earth for a reason, we are all different and know different things. Humans are put on earth to learn,love,work, but one thing is for sure, we wouldn't last long without love,everybody need love wether they admit it or not.
Love is one of the big gifts in life and you have to accept it and the other gifts to be a complete human.

Satan is for me a force,like God is a force, a force within yourself,it's black & white, good & evil in mankind if you prefer ,but beware how ,who ,when and why you use it because it all fall back on yourself in the end, and if you go to far, darkness you will see, and that will end your life quite soon.

It's important to take it step by step and practice the basics first.
If you are unsure about something or if it's uncertain then don't do it, don't practice what you can't preach to put it that way.
If it is right or wrong? Well,I don't mind, as long as it works for me and my surroundings I'm happy with it. It is basically only for me but I decided to write some of it down. I'm not sure If I'll publish the whole writings,time will tell...

Do you sometimes feel stuck in life? Like there is nothing for you to do , or you simply can't find the true meaning of life? This text is written for those who seek their inner God and want to obtain strenght in life and connect to the God within nature's forces. This is powerful forces and not to be taken for granted or otherwise 'cause there is a long road ahead if you want to know the Secrets of the black arts.

I knew my path,destiny & legacy before I started, that's why I studied like a horse as a youngster and absorbed everything I could find on the subject whilst others was out doing what they did, back then it wasn't internet and these days most stuff is available at hand or one click and that is good in many ways, but who has the right information in reality?

I never say I do, because I have what is good and helpful for me and like-minded who can be anyone but you, or you?
In short words, there are no one who actually has the "right" knowledge,you build your own knowledge! 
Just find what you can relate to and what grants you the knowledge or wisdom you seek. As we all know wisdom is power, yet only wisdom spoken in the right sense of manner.

This is written to the true Satanic worshippers and those who seek to expand,extend and unleash the inner forces,regain and obtain the missing or perhaps forgotten keystones and elements in life. I am here to guide you on your new path and if your path is Satanism you'll know it by now or already do know now.
Help you find lost treasures/memories or what you might search on your journey through the darker realms of life and the reason we named it that is simply because as a human you will grow if you have patience,tolerance and truly are sure you want to fullfill this!
I May say that if you are experiencing any thing that unusual or irregular to what is normal body behaviour for you when practising ,you should stop because your body is not ready or able to go through the process at this moment. In order to do this you should feel well rested and powerful because our minds both need and use alot of energy which I'd strongly convince you to have before you go ahead with these steps!

Those of you who are still with me :

Say the ritual words as you truly mean them and repeat until you know it all without reading. If you feel like humming or chanting the words it's fine and the more you let go of the bonds and restrictions of being a human you might have a more animalistic approach to it and the more you let go the more powerful you will feel this is the reason many choose to wear masks to hide their expressions from the others, remember it's all about individuality,mindfullness. I myself find it more comfortable to wear a robe and mask so I can fully focus on myself and not those around me,these are thing you'll figure out eventually as you get more experienced and comfortable with the setting.
I advice you to take slow steps until you know your mind and body better as you don't want to lose all your energy levels in the middle of the ritual.

Here is to the True Luciferian Light Warriors

Rise! Rise up in Satan's name and claim a (the) new world!
All hail the once and forever King!
Go! Go forth into the world and manifest thus infernal majesty's vision upon the earth!
Go forth in Satans name and in Satans name you should know Victory!

Ave Sathanas!
Ave Sathanas!

...and remember! As long as you keep setting a goal, keep believe and practice hard you will achieve and learn great secrets you did not know you obtained but it takes hard work,studying and of course practice witch one can never get enough of, and when achieved and done right you will not just know it but feel it too, you'll se things so clear and achieve big success. Keep in mind what I'd refer to as one of the golden and important rules!
It's all within yourself as you grow your strenght. If you forget this rule you will fail.
Can there be destruction without war? 'Cause things need to be erased to start over again.

You have now read the introduction to my book Aeons Are Rising which is a book written to help one and another to create a better life and future for humanity but With a more divided approach, like tribes.
Tribes is an easy and Nice way to create a New beginning and grow neew seeds and People will be reborn where they was meant to be.
We can learn alot from the early 1900's and further back how harmonic and in touch With nature they lived at the time, I'm not saying we should go back in time. I like my computer and I like it digital.
What I don't like is how the system Works, and that's why I need you, 'cause if we are many enough we will hold the pyramid, it doesen't matter if you're Rich or poor, what matters is that we stick together and do Our tasks on the way to fullfilement and pride.
We, the rulers of this Earth should stay strong 'cause it was never meant to be kings and Queens, dictators,schools and other 'public' forces.
We were meant to live free, without rulers, and you may ask yourself how it's possible?
The answer is quite simple : Are not we intelligent enough species to live in Peace and harmony without rulers? It was when rulers came all problems like jealousy etc came and that is not strange, it was when we were given 'ranks' it went downhill. So, what to do?...

I might share the entire book With you on how to become a free individual, on the other hand I wish People found out on their own ,cause how does it look when I Write a book about individualism and Satanism? And at the same time tell you to be free? Get it?

PS. The images displayed on this page has nothing to do with the text or anything ,it's just for the eye.

Self Dicipline

1. If you have headache or toothache try not to take painkillers and focus on the pain for a while, after that you focus and feel the pain and try to make it into a thing that's just there. 
Don't try to make it dissapear or anything, just get used to the pain and eventually it will go away it's the same with other types of pain, so do this now & then to train and build your body,mind and soul to handle more pain eventually.
 By this I do not mean skip the dentist apointement like some do.

2. If you're sweating and are hot and you of course want the sweat to go away, but the more you stress and think about it the more you will sweat. The trick is to think of something completely else and forget that you're hot and the problem will fade away.

3. When you are physically tired and think you have used your maximum capacity you have only used 60% of your body's strenght, so you actually 40% spare to go on. A nice thing to know.

4. Look yourself in the mirror each day when you wake up and tell yourself that I'm gonna make this, I will manage this, I will fail,struggle and so on, but I will never give up until it's done.

5.Say positive things to people as often as you can and give them compliments,that way you grow positivity around you and you want that, don't you?
If someone harm you or your beloved ones, don't go around and hate/dislike the person(s) release yourself by forgiving them , you do not need to forget of course, but forgiveness is a greater deed than many believe.

6. Always be three steps ahead! By that I mean push your boundaries all the time ,and get the hell out of your comfort zone as long as you are able to.
Take it day by day, climb further every day, even though you're afraid of hights, speak to people when you don't feel like and always push a little extra and you will gain rewards as your inner strenght grow.
Remember it's important to build inner strenght as well as body strenght, 'cause without inner strength you are nothing.

7. When people talk to you with no respect or bullying you, just think of 'em in the most funny situation your mind can come up with and keep that thought and/or make new scenarios after a while.
Don't speak to the person,unless/until he treats you with respect. When you do speak to the person make sure you have a firm voice, steady eye-contact, do not look down, keep your eyes at him/her while talking.
Don't look to long at a person without reason though, then he will think you're out for trouble and if he's pollite ask you what's wrong, if not so pollite he'll most likely knock you to the ground.
Then think again,do you like when somebody is looking at you for no reason?

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