torsdag 19. november 2015

Purple Passion

Why did you leave when I was down and out..

Why  did you say those things?.. Even though my heart is black I feel my blood bruising for you my Master...

You should be honest ad astra and reveal yourself.. 
If it's not Eve you might be Lillith or maybe even an innocent virgin under My Spell. 

Oh, Lord forgive me if I have sinned. I know not what I do...

If you , yeah you.. That came into my coven give me a sign...? 

As far as my eyes noticed you where the closest that evening ...

Are you in for a midsummer nights dream or do I need to hunt once more.. 
I don' t even know the destination.. I went to another century of peace and harmony. 

A path only the strongest of minds will survive ,  one wrong turn.. and vicious nightmares awaits, tearing your soul apart and face the things you've avoided your entire life will haunt you 'until you're locked up in an asylym permanently.

People fear me , laugh or taunt .. Be careful, next is yours....

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