mandag 5. januar 2015

The secret aget with a boyfriend from hell

I am the child of silence, I am the bringer of the North, I search the universe for darkness. I am WAr.
She is the light,the goddess of 'em all, Her identity is unknown to most, but I stripped her at first meet.
Beneath her coat is a hidden secret for me to unravel as we travel through the mist forest.
The moon shines upon as as we walk on towards the lake, she is quite silent. I think she is afraid of what I might do with a good reason ,and surely she is on to something, she just don't know what. This is exactly how I wanted it to be.
She's a virgin and don't know what what to do as I slowly undress her with my imagination. I notice her insecurity via her body language and short words.
Here have some liquor I tell her.... 
She is not suspicious as I give her the drink, and after a while I notice she feels more comfortable.
Is she dangerous?
All of a sudden pops into my mind, after all I don't know jack shit about her besides the agency.

Raymond S. 15

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