onsdag 7. januar 2015

The Future...

We need to understand that I has chosen to live forever and thus I live as they expected me to, or He taugth me in 4 years if you like. I believe in eternal life and therefore I decide not to identify myself with other human beings, we are all idividuals, we all have our roles to play. Do not fear the planet or others because of where they come from , have been,seen, or was here. Everybody makes failures, it's in natures instinct. No, Once , no one can deny it. Feel it ,embrace it and be thankful for the blessings you have been given in life. If you suffer you suffer, If you don't , you don't. We need to share and stop the greed. What we do is what we believe is best for mankind and future genereacations to come, we re * search for a better There is a power above us which is unknown for mankind. As long as you do no evil, hear no ,evil ,see no evil ,nothing shall happen. We are the happy generation. All we want is peace.

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