lørdag 30. november 2013

Walkin' On Sunshine...!

I was walking around the bay to see if there was any possibility to get hold of something to smoke on, I finally stumbled upon a store owner which seemed like a nice guy and proper person to ask and of course it was the right guy, we talked some took a smoke , bought some high quality buds and the guy told me friendly that there was something special about this one.

I smiled at him and told in a polite way that this habit had been going on for some years and probably wouldn't freak out or something before I arrived back home, he smiles at me as he continues and says relax I'm not saying it's too strong for you, only a friendly advice so you're aware of what you're doing before it all goes down.
A nice thing to do if it's actually true though.

When walking along the pier looking out over the beach and ocean I decided to roll it up
while relaxing and looking at all the people walking by as the evening went by.
After some minutes and several more artworks done I decided to hurry up as it was getting kinda late and I was far from home.

As I walked I got higher and higher for each step I took,  a weird yet somewhat funny feeling entered my brain like a light trip you might say. And it was surely trippy stuff.
Strange things started happening as I walked, my feet started shaking and I probably looked like a drunk trying to get my feet back together..
The strangest thing happened when I started walking up some long stairs up towards where we lived, which seemed to be endless at the moment.

Suddenly it felt like my body & brain disconnected all of a sudden as my feet started running faster and faster, more than my body could handle and remember this was UP the stairs.
I literally had to grab the wall and just slide my body down to the ground because I was afraid of falling hard into the ground.

I did not feel particulary smart when passing the guards telling myself not to start running and when thinking about it , I'd have to say it's the most trippy blunt I've ever smoked and I've never heard of anyone else sharing or even hearing about the same experience.
Damn I was glad when I finally reached my bed that night...
All in all I guess I'd have to say it was a good experience as it's still funny to look back and think about.
I have to say though that if you're not familiar with or know Mary-Jane, you should probably stear away from this one the first time or at least be around a good friend or something that can take you back into your 'comfort zone for a few minutes.

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