lørdag 29. juni 2013

Let Yourself Flow Into A Better Future.

Where we once grew up I'm now considered the emperor.
Where we once dwelled is now known as hell.
What we considered to be normal became insanity.
What we did became sins.
Fucking everything for freedom is what we do.
We're good at what we do, trust me or don't..
Your loss is not relevant to others than yourself.
The curtains closed for most of us, but some came back to open up the curtains known to man as reality.
What we ruled we now own.
The world is open ,the world is yours..
Let your soul free! Feel every part of it...
Floating around mother north,  hand in hand we wave goodbye to
the delicate little earth.. So beautiful,so many glitches from the past.
Did it all have a meaning or did we just got played all of us..
Thoughts are traveling at the speed of light...
The universe seem so endless from here,maybe it is.. 
It's for you to figure out 'cause we were never of this world.
Nor did we identify us with this reality known to man as mankind,
but made our own which can be seen together with the chosen ones, so that we
can build a future to stand on our own, a better future for all mankind.
A better future for you and me...

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