søndag 25. november 2012

Beginner's guide to individualism

It's really none of your business ,but here you go!

"A satanist worships the animal instincts while christians claims it to be sins"

If you ask me, the answer is simple I rule my own world I can be Satan or God anyone can it's the good and evil in people,but nobody is 100% good or evil therefore it equals.

I believe in myself and I am therefore my own God.

The Satanic Bible pretty much says the same,so you could say I agree to several subjects of this but since I don't follow any written books I don't consider myself to be a Satanist.

 I choose to rule my own life or world if you like, instead of writing a book telling others what to do,I live my life to the fullest with my beloved ones!

While speaking of this it has to be said that taking a friendly advice or obtaining knowledge and receiving guidelines in life is not following a book.

Just by existing in this world you create your own book while living to put it that way.

Satanist,Heathen,Christian,Islam I don't care about religion,it's for weak people with no human pride left ,but if it helps them I don't mind.
I have my own life ,family & friends and consider myself a lucky person!

According to some religions sexual interaction before marriage is a sin.
I won't go further into those commandments & laws since I guess most of you have heard them several times.

We have a world full of sinners according to the statements referred to above.

I've chosen my path along time ago as I didn't want to be a part of the meaningless society following things considered normal within the societies of leaders,politicians and the likes acting to be without knowledge while creating a a world considered normal by the masses and thus gaining respect from Average Joe witch sadly eats it raw, believing God heals cancer and then sadly die,because their money loving leader told them to put their faith in God.
I knew the person used as an example above.
And it's a pathetic example of how brainwashing organized religion can be!

If one think about life. What makes most sense?
I'm not the one to judge anyone nor waste my time on it, people have their own minds,but at times I wonder if they forget that or how to use it according to the things that say,their actions and behaviour A least not according to their behavior.

That being said, don't let it go to your head, find a decent balance in life and remember to live,laugh,love, forget and move on.
Life is too short to think about what could have been and what could be.

Just by existing in this world you create your own book while living to put it that way.
Be grateful for what you've been given rather than searching for answers you most likely won't find. All lifeforms reveals itself our, destiny too.
This is something most people aware of all great things life has to offer knows.

I don't open my mouth about soccer,simply because I'm not into it anymore,so why would I try to pretend to know something about a subject just to get accepted? If they have a problem with me not being into soccer they're not really friends.

After reading this you may ask why I wrote this,since following is no good according to what I've written.
I wrote this since I used to and still get a lot  of strange questions from people,like are you a satanist,racist and so on.

The moral of the story is quite simple :

Believe In yourself,
Bow to no one!

Now take a look at the title again.. isn't  it ironic?

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