fredag 20. november 2009

To My Sister

Hey sister! By now you would have been 26 years old.
You left us sadly way to early,but on the other hand I know you have it better where you are now than the last months before you left.
It wasn't easy to see you like that! It made me realise that that not everything has a meaning. And life itself is gift we have to use while we have the chance. Tomorrow can be to late...
I remember the first thing I said to you "Hi,I'm your brother & I'll always protect you,no one is ever going to hurt you,but sadly It's was impossible to protect you from what happened. No one could do anything.
I sometimes sit down & wonder how you would be like now & what path you would choose if you still were here. I know I'll never get answer to these questions,but still it's hard to not think about it once in a while.
Sometimes it feels like you're watching me,maybe you are the one who protect me now.
Who knows? One day our paths will cross again. But all I can 'till then is Rest In Peace my dear sister & we'll never stop loving you!

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