onsdag 18. november 2009

Shapeshifter V.0.03

Do not fear life, it's just a silly little game!
You will all die in the end anyway...
With it's 5 billion players. Your life & earth seems kinda fuked frow my view.
To all you non thinking individuals so eager acting all day long.
Just obtaining a state we prefer to call dead vegetables.
Dead vegetables is usually just thrown in the garden or garbage.
I prefer garden, then I know that some other creatures will find it useful.
Death & destruction, chaos & despair...
Will it ever end & will we attend it?
You better choose wisely, cause amongst each player there is seven Gods.
So YOU!.. right here, probably won't see anything else than your pre-made grave.
In other words : Since someone actually bothered to make it for you only,I consider you & other people with graves as lucky people.
At least you know where you belong!
Not bad concidering there are many here amongst us (still alive) Walking the earth as zombies.
Just exsisting ,not knowing any form of emotion except 50/50 love & hate. Witch equals each other out. Thus the number zero 0.
Very hard to see these creatures though!
It could be me or simply you. Easy... Most people are aware of their ability to express uknown/hidden emotions.
But real crytal clear eyes seen by a person with somewhat similar life patterns are
able to see trough you & most likely to connect at once or near future.
People with different patterns can turn out various ways.
Some great,some will crash,many also fail,but they rarely burn each other out.
But the bonds once created by people with highly accurate patterns is eternal & imposssible to break throuh.
They are forever the mark you set,they are forever fragments of a brilliant past.
They are forever gone.. But not lost, it is you pre-history.
It's all in a box thrown away to a destination yet unknown to us right here in the present, right now..
This makes you wonder where you are right now, & what you are.'Cause you feel the need to belong somewhere.
Well, all I know I did was leaving the paper when finished.
Does this make you behind me. Are we living in the same vacuum? I suppose not I never reverse.
Im scared! I don't want to leave wheter it's a dream or not. I wanna stay please!...
Heey! Remember the first sentence you read? Yes,but was it really nessesary to adjust the difficulty now!!
Body temperature is too hot,my heart is pounding. I welcome you my dear anxiety!!
I just don't know anymore ,do you?..
I force you to go in beeetween & believe in me since your options are very few now.
This is not good. Something need to happen right now. You make a move for once,do I look like your guide?
Fuck,connecting with my brain seems like an impossible mission at the moment.
My heart is controlling my brain or reversed, I never reverse & I lost it all. Never to return. Only if needed most by the highest ranked inside me..
What a big loss!! The shame,fame & the game. Even my name..
I'm a stranger to my own race & they're strangers to mine.
No improvements, no changes.. Thus the reason I still refuse/resist & reject.
Still a human I am, still the one who generates your pain.
Still playing golf with Oh! my.. Delicious holes. Never really been a good shooter ,never really had to either.. I just walk by & dip HIM in HER premium paradise!!
Amusing every little inch of the most amazing creatures pre-known to men as women.
Expecting all & giving more.
Endless pleasure rushing through connected bodies.
So pure, so soft, so natural.. Yes you truly know me!
How kan anyone resist the most beautiful human instinct ever made, that makes you so numb,so strong,so intense,so sweet. Only a fool denies such demonic emotions. Wise people release the pressure & welcome them.
Ahh.. This IS it. This has to be the erotic part. Not sure witch level though.
My emotions litteraly blew up during the sexual innheritance of my wife.. Too beautiful for human imagination. I patiently await the return of her presence.
No wait i reverse, I go against my principles I have to fuck,fuck,fuck her continously,harder & more & more!! Yeah,we did it. Fucked away the presence & continuing into the future with victorious smiles. In times like these I really want that guy christian creatures worships to watch the whole ceremony ,so he's aware of what he denies the poor people not married yet.
Guess you gained alot on the move,but was it worth the loss?
Negativity is so common these days it actually becomes a funny state of mind.
Most of you refuse your negativity. No one blame you.
With an aura so bad that disquise is not even an option.
You're another failure or as we say garbage.
Deal with it or be dealt with real quick. NO options available!
I'm not the bringer of joy ,nor happiness & my empathy got lost in a transaction ages ago.
I am the keeper of your molecules, I am the shapeshifter ,I am your illusion,I control you. I am Him.. My worst fear..!

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