torsdag 3. mai 2018

Nex Gen Breeders!

The young must survive , they are the future and the next generation of breeeders on air. what's basically annoying me is that they push Islam upon us as they hve done for a while now.. When FRP is stupid enough to let 'em build five mosque's, people is like, oh, well it' not in Bergen anyway, think 5-10 year ahead,how do you think it look then.
If they followed norwegians terms and requlations which they don't. They don't even want to have their kids around our children.
I do not say this cause I fear or hate muslims or anything, I'm a believer in myself, but keep it mostly to myself. I want alll organised religion gone.
I build my own foundations or group with those who are somewhat similar.
That being said, I do not go to war if we disagree on where the fence should stand, we are not cavemen yet.


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