onsdag 7. september 2016


Bilderesultat for demonized girlSparkling and shiny eyes, without any hope inside, she moves with pain outside.
Trying to kill her thoughts inside, with her heinious mind, the bitch comes alive.
She cannot heal ,she cannot feel, she summon the grand master of the fornicators.
Tryin'to fullfill her nasty mind with blood gargling all over the wounds, witch reek of putrefaction.

She'd be better off burned, she'd be better off dead, the blood and the agony.
She is not whorty of her own skin, so let's rip it up and have some vaginal fun with it.
Covered in blood and foam into every open whole on the body, should shut her up for a while.
Screamin',moaning and beggin' for her soul, she cannot escape, she cannot escape her troubled mind.

Bilderesultat for demonized girl
Locked up forever asylum is her new terrort report, triple x insane is the name of the game.
Shoot to kill ,shoot kill, I know you will.
Push the button , pull the trigger, we know you want it ,we know you want to end your life.

You have seen the worst of life so far, didn't know it could go that far.
 What a tragedy, what a loss,what a human waste...
A useless cadaver you left, a hopless future ahead...

...And there is no liberation,no empathy left for mankind.
Once failed, always fail and dead inside, but not dead enough...

Wanna die?

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